Who is Charles Howard?...

..... a semi-retired classic car dealer and restorer who has handled most of the great pre-war cars.

Charles Howard with a 1914 GP Mercedes

At the age of 20 in 1956, Charles decided to become an antique dealer.

He had only £35 and neither knowledge of antiques nor contacts in the trade, but acheived almost instantaneous success.

Sixteen years later he gave up dealing in Chinese porcelain, which had become the mainstay of his antique business, to commence trading in vintage and classic cars which had been a subject which fascinated him since early childhood.

In terms of art dealing he somewhat cheekily likes to compare himself with the great Lord Duveen.

He admits that the comparison is not so much in terms of fame or financial success, but simply in the amazing number of what are now considered the masterpiececes of the first fifty years of motor car production which have passed through his hands.

He can count scores of vehicles from that period today worth £3 - £5 million plus, which he has either bought and sold or acted as a broker, and in many cases driven long distances to exotic destinations.

His unusual adventures in that arcane world are described with honesty and wit and he voices his opinion boldly on many subjects

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